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- Engaging talks

- Music, humor, storytelling

- Church wisdom in everyday terms

- Scriptural & prayerful

Frequent talk topics:

  "Where is Your Treasure?"

Identifying everyday idols and putting God first.

  "Things Are not Always As They Appear" - Eucharist

Getting the most out of Adoration and Mass.  Understanding the Real Presence of Jesus. What does it mean for my life?

 "The Power of Love" - Sex, Love, & Chastity

Why it's about so much more than just waiting.

For single sex or coed groups

  "It's a Field Trip, Not a Guilt Trip" - Social Justice, Solidarity, & Charity

Applying Jesus' radical message of love and the Church's social teaching for serving the poor & marginalized

  "What do you want, God?" - Vocation

How do I hear the voice of God? How do I find the courage to follow it?

  "Imago Dei: Who am I?"

Finding and founding my identity in God

  "Why I Love Being Catholic"

With Brian Wilson (percussionist).  A cradle Catholic and a convert both share their stories of coming to love the Catholic faith.  Includes music set.

  "Esto Vir: Be a Man"

What is Christian manliness and how do we find it?

What does it mean to be a man like Christ?

For men.

   "Doubt, Science, & Faith"

Can a Christian follow science and God? What about miracles? Evolution? The bible? How do I know if God is real?

​  "Mercy Wins!"

What is mercy?  How do we receive and live the message of Jesus' mercy?

  Spirituality & Prayer

Discovering & Developing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ

  Discussing Abortion Productively

How to effectively engage the Pro-Choice position

  "Live with No Regrets" - Confession

The power of the sacrament of Reconciliation


  St. John Paul II's Theology of the Body

What is it? A basic overview of John Paul's thought and how it helps us navigate some of the modern world's biggest questions

​  Online talks:

Check out my YouTube page for more talks.


Keynote Talk at Encounter the Gospel of Life Service Camp

Contagious Catholicism: from the "Be Not Afraid" Online Conference

An excerpt from my talk  at the Couples for Christ National Youth Conference

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