Praise for Mike's Writing

"Mike is a rare voice of reason in the hellish landscape that is social media."

              - Kevin Heider, singer-songwriter

    "Should We Break Up: A Catholic Guide to Breakups part 1"

"Thank you for this post. It’s given me a lot to pray on and I needed it."


"Thank you for this. It feels that God has gently spoken to my heart (and mind) through your post."


       "The Art of Heartbreak: A Catholic Guide to Breakups part 2"

"This is an older article, but I wanted to thank you for writing it. I am in the middle of a dead 5 year relationship with my boyfriend. I must say I have not prayed in years, in fact my spiritual life has been dead for some time. But this has beautifully shown me that I don’t need to stay with him... he is not a bad person. And I am afraid to hurt him. But I cannot get over the hurt he has caused me over these years. I know he did not mean to, and I don’t fault him for it. But it hurt me nonetheless. At this point I think it would be better if we broke up. I just hope he can’t let me go..."

       "Shoulders, Shame, & Millennial Modesty"
"As a mom thinking through how to approach these topics in the teen years, I love all of this."


"Great reflections."


       "Latin Won't Save Us"
"Thank you thank you thank you for this piece of writing. I am sharing!"

"This piece says it all so well. Always so happy to come across catholic thinkers who go beyond the binary of most catholic press . . ."

       Paul's Letter to Social Media

"This is the greatest thing I've read in a very long time."

       When I Tell You I'm Pro-Life
"This was so well written, and I agree with your perspective!"

Speechless! Great job! . . . Thank you for this prayerful and moving reflection. I am proud to say I am Pro-Life."

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